Piss Off Putin! Vodka

Piss Off Putin!

14 March, 2022

As usual, our label says it like it is. There’s a lot of good people putting up with a lot of shit right now thanks to one guy. We may be miles away on the other side of the world, but we know an opportunity to do some good when we see it. That’s why we’re donating all profits from every bottle of Piss Off Putin! Vodka to the Ukraine humanitarian crisis via Red Cross.

We’re under no illusions that this will change the world, we just want to roll up our sleeves and do our part in the usual way we do things round here. Be Good, Do Good has been a part of our mission for years as we’ve worked with charities, NGOs and other organisations to raise funds, awareness for causes, and help out the little guy. We’re proud to be able to extend our fundraising initiatives beyond our shores.

If you also want to say it like it is, help donate, and enjoy a tipple while you’re at it, this is your chance. Once our distillery catches up with orders we’ll be able to dispatch it to you right away. For now, this vodka is only available on pre-order, and only available in NZ. We are looking at ways we can ship to certain countries in the near future.

Pre-orders for this vodka are open now, and we plan to start dispatching it at the beginning of April.

UPDATE: 12 May, 2022 - We've completely sold out of this vodka!

Are giant novelty cheques still cool? Maybe not, but that hasn’t stopped the team from gathering round for a photo, and patting each other on the backs for a huge vodka-fuelled effort to send cases of Piss Off Putin! Vodka all over NZ.

Thanks to everyone that purchased a bottle (or three) and helped us raise money for such an important cause, we’re humbled and thankful to you all. We’re stoked to announce our donation of $50,000 to the Red Cross to go directly towards aiding the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

It’s a small drop in a crisis that’s still not over, but a little bit can go a long way. We’re all sold out of vodka now, but if you’ve managed to get your hands on a bottle, pour yourself a Moscow Mule, White Russian, or Piss Off Putin-tini and raise a glass!


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