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sessions on the deckchair

13 September, 2021

We're excited about this one... Our brand new can 6 pack, available now is a lazy hazy that’s crazy drinkable. The ultimate example of a beer that you take a sip of, then want another sip. One that can be sat on (much like a deckchair) and is best enjoyed outside in the sun.

"Lazy, hazy, crazy sessionable"

"Lazy, hazy, crazy sessionable"

Working with an experimental new hop from an undisclosed location called NZH-102 we’ve crafted this Deckchair Hazy IPA which is a full flavoured hop driven brew, but an incredibly easy to drink hazy beer.

Deckchair Hazy IPA is a golden and juicy hazy brew with all the hoppy goodness and a more moderate alcohol level to extend those sessions in the deckchair, or however you enjoy your fine IPAs.


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