Toasted Marshmallow Stout
Toasted Marshmallow StoutToasted Marshmallow StoutToasted Marshmallow StoutToasted Marshmallow Stout


People can be passionate about just how toasted they like their marshmallows, and this beer is our tribute to this great Kiwi pastime. It's a perfectly balanced blend of roasty stout, sweet marshmallow, and just enough campfire that you know it's been over a flame. Light the fire, and crack one open.

Our marshmallow stout has the classic roast and chocolate aroma you’d expect with sweet toasted marshmallow. The beer is a deliciously "smoreish" treat for an evening in front of the fire.


Choose from a half case (4 x 946mL squealers) or full case (8 x 946mL squealers)
$15.99 per squealer

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