Nectar Of The Gods
Nectar Of The GodsNectar Of The GodsNectar Of The GodsNectar Of The Gods
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If we had to pick a favourite Greek God it’d definitely be Dionysus whose remit includes parties, fruitfulness, festival and general debauchery. We crafted this brew as a tribute incorporating fresh apricot and mango with a rich hazy beer base for a full bodied smoothie-like beer layered with tropical fruit, Nectar of the Gods!


Nectar Of The Gods (6.5%) looks golden and hazy, and has aromas of fruity hops, ripe mangoes, and apricot. On the palate it's juicy, thick, and mouthcoating with a balanced bitterness. Contains lactose.


Choose from a single bottle, half case (4 x 946mL squealers) or full case (8 x 946mL squealers). $17.99 per squealer