Pineapple Cider
Pineapple CiderPineapple CiderPineapple Cider


Who knew pineapple made great cider? Our brewers tried it one day and were stunned by the results. So, they went out and bought every pineapple in Hamilton, destroying the Hawaiian pizza industry in one fell swoop. You can thank us later for that, but for now get your mouth around this.


Pineapple Cider (4.5%) looks cloudy, pale and sunshine yellow, and has tropical, juicy aromas. On the palate it's juicy, sweet, and bursting with pineapple! 


This cider has real fruit pulp, so keep it cold to keep it fresh. Some fruit will settle to the bottom of the bottle, so gently roll the squealer before opening to ensure distribution. 

Pineapple Cider is also gluten free.


Choose from a half case (4 x 946mL squealers) or full case (8 x 946mL squealers)
$13.99 per squealer

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