Vacci-Mates Lager
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We’re brewing this one for all our mates in hospo and all the legends that vaccinate. 

As the appropriately named Survivor once almost sang, "it’s the eye of the Pfizer, it’s the thrill of the jab, rising up to the challenge of our rival", but the bastard snuck back in so now it’s time to do all we can to see Covid off.

Summer is on our doorstep, let’s not spend it indoors. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, take two for the team and help make sure our nation's beloved restaurants, cafes and venues don’t have to endure any more lockdowns. Here’s to getting rid of one massive prick with two little pricks of your own.

We understand it's not for everyone, so give it a miss if it’s not to your taste.


Vacci-Mates Lager (4.2%) looks a light golden straw colour, and has aromas of citrus, and floral hops. On the palate it's very crisp, dry, and refreshing. This is our original lager recipe.


Choose from a single six pack or slab of 24 cans.
This beer was packed in cans that were otherwise surplus to requirement. There's a global shortage of cans, so instead of throwing these out, we stickered them, with vacci-mates labels.