Cruisey Kawakawa Gin
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Imagine you’re a honu, a sea turtle. You’re cruising the ocean, looking for a feed. An amorphous, diaphanous object catches your eye. A jellyfish — awesome. You chow it down, but it’s tasteless, hard to swallow, and who knows what it’s going to do to you.

Five species of honu can be found in NZ’s cool waters. Sadly, they often mistake soft plastics for delicious jellyfish and algae. We know that this can kill them.

Soft plastics are great at escaping, even if you put them in the right bin. Sustainable Coastlines finds them on their litter surveys — an average of 57 pieces of soft plastics and packaging on a 100m x 10m stretch of coast.*

So help a honu out. Get some reusable produce bags, visit your local bulk store, and maybe let your fav brands know you’re keen to move away from plastic. Visit for more info.


Cruisey Kawakawa is a funny flavour, an unfamiliar sensation to most people, yet interesting enough for our distillers to give it a shot. This endemic plant, often found on our surrounding islands is peppery-bitter to taste yet has aromatic similarities to basil and sweet lemongrass. This gin has a smooth, lingering, warm finish, and an abundance of floral notes.

This is the second release in our Be Good Do Good, Sustainable Coastlines gin series. Scroll further down to find out more about this project, and the artist we've collaborated with. Limited edition prints of this Honu Turtle design by Component are available here



*As of 3 Nov, 2021 in Litter Intelligence coastal survey areas (


    $10 from every bottle sold goes directly to Sustainable Coastlines to help remove 180,000 litres or 1,500 large supermarket trolleys of rubbish from the beaches of New Zealand’s coastline. 


    40% ABV
    700mL Bottle

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