Lazy Lemon Gin
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The kekeno, or NZ fur seal, is a free-diving champion. She dives as deep as 238m, over the continental shelf, to nab her dinner. And she does it from sundown to sunrise — so when you next see her chilling in the sun, give her a break. 


Lazy Lemon is what we like to call a gin that doesn't need to be fussed over. It's easy, and perfect for those who consider slicing up a lemon is a step too far. Enjoy the infusion of fresh lemon and citrus zest in this gin, and fix your self a two step G&T without the need for finding the chopping board.


This is the first release in our Be Good Do Good, Sustainable Coastlines gin series. Scroll further down to find out more about this project, and the artist we've collaborated with. 


    $10 from every bottle sold goes directly to Sustainable Coastlines to help remove 180,000 litres or 1,500 large supermarket trolleys of rubbish from the beaches of New Zealand’s coastline. 


    40% ABV
    700mL Bottle

    Be Good • Do Good

    Limited Gin Series

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    Lazy Lemon Gin
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