Ex Bourbon
All the way from the U.S of A these veterans can only be used once for bourbon before being repurposed. Their past life gives them a distinctive flavour profile of coconut, vanilla, honey, caramel, oak, leather, nutmeg, almond and butterscotch.

Virgin American Oak
These brand new barrels first have their interior surface gently charred, caramelising the wood sugars and contributing strong tones of vanilla and oak with a smooth caramel buttery finish.

*additional $500 for these barrel types.

Or, get crafty...

Embark on a journey of unique flavour with our newly crafted whiskey, born from the innovative fusion of distilled Good George IPA, and the rich flavour profile of first-fill bourbon casks. Experience the vibrant harmony of citrusy zest and subtle herbal notes, delicately intertwined with hints of apple sweetness, all enriched by the warm embrace of vanilla bestowed by the bourbon casks.

Ex Pinot
These casks originate from award winning New Zealand vineyards and impart flavours of raspberry, strawberry, red currants, lightly spiced with earthy notes.


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