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Join us every Wednesday for trivia, drinks, and spot prizes. Each week we'll be streaming a quiz on Facebook Live, kicking off at 7pm. Plenty of time to pour yourself a cold one and get settled in.

To make it enjoyable for everyone, please be sure to not put any answers in the comments section. Jot them down on paper, and we'll go through the answers at the end of every round.

After the quiz is over, we'll publish the full list of questions and answers on this page in case you missed any

Answers 1st September:

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Q1: Which Williams sister has won more Grand Slam titles?
A1: Serena Williams

Q2: Which racer holds the record for the most Grand Prix wins?

A2: Lewis Hamilton

Q3: Which Jamaican runner is an 11-time world champion and holds the record in the 100 and 200-meter race?

A3: Usain Bolt

Q4: Eden Park is a popular stadium for rugby in the winter and cricket in the Summer. Which City in NZ is it located? 

A4: Auckland 

Q5: New Zealand's national rugby team, the All Blacks, were the first team to do what in the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

A5: Win back to back Tournaments 

Q6: What is The New Zealand women's rugby team called?

A6: The Black Ferns – who have won 4 consecutive world cups from 1998 - 2010

Q7: How many athletes are there on the NZ team for the Tokyo Paralympics?

A7: 29

Q8: Where will the All Blacks and Springboks next month play their 100th rugby test? 

A8: Townsville 

Q9: The NZ National Cricket team are called the black caps, what is the Female National Cricket team called? 

A9: White Ferns 

Q10: Silver Ferns is the NZ national netball team. In a game of netball how many seconds can you hold the ball for? 

A10: 3 seconds  

Q1: Put the following Kardashian-Jenners in order of age:

A1:  Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Rob, Kendal, Kylie 

Q2: What was the relationship of Monica and Ross in FRIENDS?

A2: Brother and Sister 

Q3: Which musician’s real name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight?

A3: Elton John

Q4: Who does the voiceover on Love Island? 

A4: Iain Stirling

Q5: Tom Cruise is an outspoken member for which religion?

A5: Scientology

Q6: Taylor Swift grew up on what type of farm?

A6: Christmas Tree Farm

Q7: Who’s got the most Instagram followers in the world? 

A7: Cristiano Ronaldo -336 million followers

Q8: Lorde the kiwi singer just released her new album Solar Power, but what was her first hit single?

A8: Royals 

Q9: Who made history by being the first male to appear solo on the cover of Vogue, the magazine?

A9: Harry Styles 

Q10: Which superstar sang at the 2021 Superbowl 2021? 

A10: The Weeknd

Q1: How many mLs in a Good George squealer?

A1: 946mL

Q2: Hazy IPA originated from which coast in the USA?

A2: East Coast

Q3: What beer was featured in this weeks ‘fresh off the line’ newsletter? 

A3: Fog City Hazy IPA

Q4: Gin, vermouth and olives. What cocktail am I?

A4: Martini

Q5: In what year was the first beer sold in cans?

A5: 1935

Q6: What flavors the liquor Chambord?

A6: Raspberries

Q7: In brewing what do the initials OG stand for?

A7: Original Gravity

Q8: Historically the brewing of beer was done by women. If a male is called a brewer – what is a female brewer called?

A8: Brewster

Q9: Which spirit is used in a Pina Colada?

A9: Rum

Q10: Which of the following drinks is often served in a copper mug?

A10: Moscow mule 

Q1: By alphabet, what is the first and last US state?

A1:  Alabama and Wyoming

Q2: How many Steven Spielberg movies has Tom Hanks been in? 

A2: 5 – The Terminal, The Post, Catch me if you can, Bridge of Spies & Saving Private Ryan 

Q3: What was the first feature length cartoon film?

A3: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Q4: What country is Brie cheese originally from?

A4: France

Q5: What is the national currency of Vietnam?

A5: Dong

Q6: What is Alektorophobia?

A6: Fear of Chickens

Q7: In what franchise would you find the character Katniss Everdeen? 

A7: The Hunger Games

Q8: Name a country that begins in A but doesn’t end with an A.

A8: Afghanistan and Azerbaijan 

Q9: What is the current total medal tally for the NZ team at the Paralympics? 

A9: 8

Q10: What is the name of the Tiger King in the Netflix documentary released last year? 

A10: Joe Exotic

Q: What is the gin sequel to our Fuck Off 2020 Gin?

A: For Fuck's Sake 2021 Gin

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  • 25 Aug

Total Points & Team Names

38   FFS2021

35   The Basic Team

33   G n T

32   Ned’s Neighbour

32   Team Moist Fillet

32   Norfolk and chance

31   The Three Must Get Beers

31   Cod do Batter

31  The Three Must Get Beers

30   LADs

30   Particle Quizicists

30   The Cool Council

30   Country Bumpkins

29   Kick Assets

29   Scott's Tots

28   TAPS Pirates

28   Team Delta Force

28   Team in your lounge

28   Three Quarters Sicko Mode

28   Air Fryer Hoes

27   Team Rugby

27   Uncle George

26   Jaffa & the Chav

26   Drei bier bitte

26   Drinky and the Brain

26   William Shatner's pants

26   The Fairytale Reiders

25   Lockdown loonies

25   The Beach Haven Social cluster

25   Good George is the Best Brewery Ever

25   Regent 48, Carterton CBD

25   Mercer Madness

25   Mainland Masterminds

24   Baww bags

24   The Leek People

24   Snapes on a Plane

24   Doolally Duo

22   Strung-out

22   Doris' Plums ooohhhh errrrrr

22   Big Fact Hunt

21   Cambridge crazy horses

21   Gin & Glizzy Club

21   Quizwood Court

21   The Fairy Kings

21   Brown Bears

20   Luck of the Irish ☘️

20   Painfully Alone

19   Lion Brown

19   Team Wiggola

19   Controlled Kaos

18   J_Squared

17   Spread your legs, not the virus

16   Crazy chooks

16   You can do it!

4     You're on mute

Answers 25 August:

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  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Round 4
  • Bonus Round

Q1: From what grain is Japanese spirit Sake made?
A1: Rice

Q2: Which type of cactus is distilled to create tequila?

A2: Agave

Q3: A black Russian has two key ingredients, one is vodka – what is the other?

A3: Coffee Liqueur (eg. Kahlua or Tia Maria)

Q4: Which berry is used to make gin?

A4: Juniper

Q5: I'm made up of Gin, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Fizzy Water What cocktail am I?

A5: Tom Collins

Q6: Which country consumes the most beer Per Capita Annually?

A6: Czech Republic (on average consuming 143.3 litres per capita anually

Q7: What is the official alcohol of the US?

A7: Bourbon

Q8: Which drink is often described as having body, legs and nose and could also be flabby or fleshy?

A8: Wine

Q9: What flavour are the liqueurs Cointreau and Grand Marnier?

A9: Orange

Q10: Scotch and Irish are most famously variants of which spirit?

A10: Whiskey

Q1: Who was the Kiwi that sailed past US frontrunner to claim first place in the international mile race at the Prefontaine Classic in Oregon this week?

A1: Geordie Beamish 

Q2: The Paralympics started this week – where is it being held?

A2: Tokyo, Japan

Q3: NZ Movie Director, Taika Waititi, is currently rumored to be dating which Famous singer?

A3: Rita Ora

Q4: This week, the recommendation was made to New Zealanders on National TV of how to Spread your legs safely. Who gave this advice? 

A4: Chris Hipkins

Q5: New Zealand had their most successful year at the Olympics Games to date. How many gold medals were one in total by the NZ team?

A5: 7 Gold Medals

Q6: In the most recent Rugby Bledisloe Cup game between NZ All Blacks and Australia Wallabies, All Blacks won, but what was the final score?

A6: 57 All Black - 22 Wallabies

Q7: Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla has recently announced the creation of what new product?

A7: Human-like Robot

Q8: A famous Drummer passed away this week at the fine old age of 80 – what band was he in?

A8: The Rolling Stones

Q9: Father’s Day is coming up in NZ next Sunday 5th September, in which month is it celebrated in US, UK & Canada?

A9: June (third Sunday in June)

Q10: It’s legendary comedian Dave Chapelle’s birthday today (tomorrow his time), how old is he turning?

A10: 48

Q1: Which country is home to the beer Victoria Bitter?

A1: Australia

Q2: What does the beer abbreviation IPA stand for?

A2: Indian Pale Ale

Q3: According to the 1516 German purity law, beer can only contain three ingredients. What are they?

A3: Water, Hops, and Barley

Q4: Which beer brand makes the beer Elvis Juice?

A4: Brew Dog

Q5: What is the name of the beer commonly consumed in popular cartoon The Simpsons?

A5: Duff Beer

Q6: Which beer brand makes the beer Fog City?

A6: Good George 

Q7: What ABV % - alcohol percentage – is the worlds most alcoholic beer?

A7: 67.5% beer called Snake Venom, brewed in Scotland

Q8: Non-alcoholic Beers typically contain as much alcohol as which piece of fruit? 

A8: Bananas

Q9: What are the two main ingredients of a Snakebite?

A9: Cider & Lager

Q10: There is a brewery that allows you to swim in a pool of beer, where is it?

A10: Starkenberger Brewery, Austria 

Q1: Violet Walrond was New Zealand's first female Olympian. What sport did she take part in?

A1: Swimming

Q2: What is the challenge on Tiktok / Instagram that sees people running over plastic crates at different heights?

A2: Milk Crate Challenge

Q3: Which communal living animals often get so tipsy from fermented nectar that they have mid-air collisions or cannot find their way home?

A3: Bees

Q4: From which drink did rapper Cardi B take her stage name?

A4: Bacardi

Q5: On the Coromandel Peninsula, which is further North? Tairua or Pauanui?

A5: Tairua

Q6: In which NZ town will you find a bar and restaurant called The Comm?

A6: Whakatane

Q7: Which NZ region is considered the ‘Fruit Bowl of New Zealand’?

A7: Hawkes Bay

Q8: Which company was founded first? Google or Netflix? 

A8: Netflix

Q9: What country was the first to broadcast the weather report in Elvish language in 2012?

A9: New Zealand

Q10: Who won this year's Love Island UK?

A10: Millie and Liam

Q: In 2020, Good George launched a limited edition gin in light of the NZ Covid lockdowns. What was it called?

A: Fuck Off 2020 Gin