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Cow Town Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Stout 5.5% (8 x 946mL Squealers)

Wholesale product only

When you live alongside a million cows sometimes you've got to milk the situation. Turns out if you feed them hazelnuts and chocolate and wait a week or two their milk turns straight into a stout. 

Cowtown uses freshly roasted Hazelnuts and Cocoa nibs for a milk stout mouth feel with Hazelnut up front and a delicious chocolate ending. Keep well away from cows in heat, they love the packaging.

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 10

Appearance: Dark brown to Black with creamy head

Aroma: Hazelnut with Roasted chocolate backdrop

Taste: Full milk Stout mouth feel with Hazelnut up front with a slight chocolate ending. 

Hops: Pacific Jade, Pacifica

Malt: Ale, Munich, Chocolate, Crystal, Roast Barley, Oats

Plus cacao nibs and toasted hazelnut

Year Released: 2023

Squealer Barcode: 9421036481617
Case Barcode: 9421036481624

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