Extra Dry Apple Cider
Extra Dry Apple CiderExtra Dry Apple CiderExtra Dry Apple Cider


If this was wine, you'd say it was 'anhydrous' but its a cider so we'll avoid the language and simply tell you that it's very refreshing.


Like a slice of cold green apple on a hot day, our extra dry cider is the crisp treat you didn't know you needed until somebody offered it to you. Its the first swim of the summer, the cold shower after a 10k run. But don't come looking for sweetness, you won't find it here. 

Extra Dry Apple Cider (4.5%) looks a sharp golden yellow, and has wine like aromas of granny smith apples. On the palate it's dry, crisp, and very refreshing.


This cider is gluten free.


24 x 330mL Cans
$21.00 per six pack
Also available in 946mL bottles

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