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Aotearoa Dry Gin (6 x 700mL Bottles)

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In the midst of an uncertain world there's always a few certainties and one of those is pouring a delicious gin & tonic and raising a glass to doing anything you damn well like. Distinct and refreshing, and born out of our love to tinker, craft, and experiment, we've created an award-winning gin with a subtle citrus aroma and understated herbal notes. 


Upfront this gin has aromas of Lemon zest, Orange & Juniper, followed by a floral mix of Pink Peppercorns, Chamomile & Kawakawa Berries on the palate. The gin is also supported with a mild herbaceous/earthy combination of Horopito, Star Anise & cardamom. A versatile gin that can be incorporated in almost any Gin based Cocktail.


40% ABV

6 x 700mL Bottles

Bottle Barcode: 09421036480146
Case Barcode: 09421036480092

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