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Deckchair Hazy Pale Ale 50L Keg

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A golden and juicy hazy IPA with all the hoppy goodness and a more moderate alcohol level to extend those sessions in the deckchair, or however you enjoy your fine IPAs 

Getting experimental with this brew designed to pack the same punchy hop aroma as our other hazies in a slightly lighter beer so you can extend those deckchair sessions. Using an advanced hop trial code-named NZH-102 which adds a distinctive note of tropical/citrus and berries, we’re enjoying this brew a lot and now you can too.


Deckchair Hazy Pale Ale looks hazy and pale gold, and has aromas of citrus, tropical fruit, and gooseberry. On the palate it's full bodied, with a soft bitterness


5.0% ABV
50L Keg

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