Mango Haze Cloudy Cider
Mango Haze Cloudy CiderMango Haze Cloudy Cider


Not to be outdone, our cidermakers have joined the haze craze that's been sweeping the beer world. Hazy means unfiltered so you get a richer mouthfeel, and all the fruit flavour. Take a sip and descend into the haze.


Mango Haze Cloudy Cider (4.5%) looks slightly hazy, and a tropical sunset gold. It has aromas of fresh, ripe mangoes and apple, and on the palate it's sweet, slightly tart, and very juicy. 


This cider is also gluten free!


Choose from a half case (4 x 946mL squealers) or full case (8 x 946mL squealers)
$13.99 per squealer

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