Sidewinder IPA
Sidewinder IPASidewinder IPASidewinder IPASidewinder IPA


The Good George Good Places Series is a limited release range brewed to celebrate locations around New Zealand. Sidewinder IPA is the first in this series

Sidewinder IPA (6.7%) looks light gold, and has aromas of forest pine and tropical notes. On the palate it’s very hoppy, with notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and lingering bitterness.


Pack Options:

Order Sidewinder IPA on its own:

  • Twin Pack - 2 x Sidewinder IPA $34
  • Half Case - 4 x Sidewinder IPA $65

Or mix it up in a half case with other brews by getting 2 x Sidewinder IPAs with:

  • 2 x IPA $62
Or buy individual squealers in our Pick & Mix option


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