White Ale
White AleWhite AleWhite Ale


Cast your minds back to 2012. NZ changed its give way laws, Marmageddon was a thing, and we all went along to see The Hobbit in cinema. NZ upstart Good George Brewing also put down their first batch of White Ale, a beer that would quickly gather a cult following from Hamiltonians. 

Fast forward to the present day, and a bit of local graffiti got us thinking that a certain classic needs to make a comeback. So we’ve flipped waaayy back through the recipe book, and pulled out one of our very first brews.

White Ale is back for just one batch so get your case of 4 today. Be sure to keep it chilled! White Ale (4.5%) looks cloudy, and pale yellow, and has sweet aromas of oranges and spice. On the palate it's creamy, slightly peppery, and very refreshing.


Available in a half case (4 Squealers)
12.25 per squealer


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