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Kicking off bottleDrop

28 August, 2021

We’re often asked if we take back and reuse our squealers but up until this point haven’t had the equipment to do so. Now, we’re gearing up to trial a system to change that. Bottledrop will mean we can take back, wash, refill and reuse our squealer and gin bottles which makes the glass packaging go further. Our brown glass bottles are made in NZ from ~90% recycled glass, but this system will keep them out of the NZ recycling system and go a few more rounds.

This is a process and we’re learning as we go, but it’s part of our journey towards leaving a lighter impact on our planet and our commitment to our Be Good, Do Good, Drink Good initiative.

We obviously can’t take any bottles back at the moment, but if they’re stacking up at your place we will be releasing more info about how to get bottles back to us to help pilot this system once alert levels start changing.


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