Here you'll find questions that are frequently asked of us by people with a burning desire to learn more about Good George Brewing. If there’s something you can find, please ask us by emailing ask@goodgeorge.co.nz 

General Queries

Who owns Good George Brewing?

Good George was founded by Jason Macklow, Darrel Hadley, and Brian Watson, and began trading in 2012 from their brewery Frankton, Hamilton. To date they're still involved with running the show.

Where can I buy Good George products?

Good George beers and ciders are available nationwide in supermarkets and liquor stores, and our gins, cocktails, and tonics can be found where good spirits are sold. Although the entire range of products may not be available in each store, everything is available to buy online from our online store.

Did Good George sell to Destiny’s Church?

No, Good George did not sell to Destiny’s Church. It was an April Fools announcement we made in 2021.

Online Shopping

If I order something online, how long will delivery take?

Delivery can be overnight to local addresses, and up to 5 working days for more remote or rural locations.

Can I subscribe for regular deliveries?

You can subscriber for regular deliveries of our core range of beers and ciders. Select from weekly, fortnightly, or monthly deliveries of the product and amount you like. Click here to see what beers you can subscribe to, or here for ciders.


How many Good George venues are there?

We own 5 bars outright, and have several partnerships with independent owner operators around New Zealand. We’re also involved with the Craft Beer Kitchen group of restaurants. There are also dozens of craft beer and independent bars and restaurants around NZ that have our beers and ciders on their rotational taps.

What was the first Good George venue?

The first venue we opened was the Good George Dining Hall in Frankton, Hamilton. We opened our doors in September 2012, and have been brewing and serving here ever since.

Beer & Cider

How many brews does Good George make?

At last count we’ve made over 180 different beers and ciders - according to our Untappd page. These are releases that have come and gone over the years, often seasonal, and often in small batches. At any given time we’ve normally got 20 beers and ciders available on tap, in bottles, and in cans.

Does Good George brew their own beer?

Yes, Good George brew all their beer, cider, spirits, cocktails, and tonics

Which of your brews are gluten free? 

None of our beers are gluten free, but all our ciders are

Which of your brews are dairy free? 

All our ciders are dairy free. Our bright beers are, but our hazy beers are not dairy free.

Sprits & Cocktails

Does Good George make gin and other spirits?

Yes, since 2020 we've been making gins and other spirits in our distillery. It's located next door to our brewery, and has been running hot ever since it was installed making gin, whiskey, and rum.

What is an Espresso Martini?

An Espresso Martini traditionally combines Vodka, coffee, and coffee liquer, and is shaken and strained into a martini glass. We make our own blend, and bottle it as part of our Neat range of small batch cocktails. We also make our cold brew coffee with Raglan Roast coffee.