Make every special occasion even better with Good George.  Big or small, we have a variety of options to hire events kits to have the party at your place. Checkout our range of pouring options, hireage, and vehicles.


Great for five really thirsty mates, or up to 40 getting together for a tipple. Our pouring units have two to three taps on each, and are hired with their own gas bottle. Simply throw a few bags of ice in the unit, hook it all up, and start pouring. 

Great for having one or two tap options so there's something for everyone, and allows guests to serve themselves and pour as much as they like.

$110 per pouring unit as well as cost of each keg. These must be collected & returned from our Frankton office at 45 King Street, Hamilton.



Our caravan is a retro 1972 Starliner which has a bar and a three tap pouring system inside. The pouring system operates through CO2 and an ice bank so doesn’t require power to pour cold, fresh, delicious beer and cider. It's easy to tow into place for most uses, and can be set up to run in no time.

4.8m long (including 0.8m tow bar) x 2m wide x 2.6m high

Able to pour up to 3 taps of beer and/or cider

Email to see if it's available for your event.


Our classic VW Kombi is a 1972 Double Cab Ute, with a six tap pouring system on the back. Due to its old age, this classic vehicle requires towing to reach its destination, however is easy to maneuver itself into place once arrived. Our Kombi looks outstanding at any event we take it to, and always delivers a good time.

4.2m long x 2m wide x 2m high

Able to pour up to 6 taps of beer and/or cider

Email to see if it's available for your event.


With this adult version of a bouncy castle, we're bringing the pub to you! It's like sitting in a bar, without the rough edges. Our Travelling Pub comes with tables, chairs, and a bar to pour a number of beers and ciders. As an added bonus, there's also plenty of shade from the sun.

The pub requires a section of flat land and a power supply to run the blowers, as well as relatively still conditions.

10m long x 8m wide x 8m high

Email to see if it's available for your event.


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