Matt Wallbank 654


13 October, 2021

So, you might have noticed that your can of beer looks a little odd. You might have also scanned a QR code on the side of said can to find out more information about it. Long story short, what it says on the label, is what's in the can. But let us tell you a little bit more...

As the global supply chain has adjusted to the ‘new normal’ there’s been pressure put on in a number of places, and aluminium beverage cans is one of them. Can production globally is under strain as demand has exploded over the last few years. Within the can production process minimum run sizes, and errors in production and forecasting can mean there are often surplus printed cans leftover which would need to be crushed and recycled to re-enter the supply chain. 

Instead of these excess can lines entering a waste stream, we are now repurposing them with printed labels so that they can be used as intended – filled with delicious beer or cider. Faced with limited supply from the can manufacturers, saving these cans from being crushed before use and filling the gap in our production is a win-win.

Look, we know they look a bit shit, but the liquid inside is the same hand crafted quality we all love and we’re saving an otherwise good can from being wasted. A fuck up we’ve turned into a feature.


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