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Good George

Clusterf**k Gin Pack

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We're not saying it's been a bad year... we're saying it's been two. The ongoing clusterfuck continues to dominate the news, cancel our plans, and give us nothing better to talk about around than traffic light systems! 


To assist you in saying goodbye to one year, hello to a new one, and fuck off to the first one, this gin pack has it all. It's even got some tonic in there too, because convenience.


Grab those lemons that life's given you, place your order for this pack online, and invite the friends round to celebrate or commiserate whatever it is that's caused you to demand so much gin in your life. 


In the box:  

  • Fuck Off 2020 Gin 
  • For Fuck Sake's 2021 Gin 
  • What's Fucking Next 2022 Gin 
  • Weirdly Normal Native Kawakawa Tonic (2 x 4pks)

    Feel Good

    Don't just take our word for it..