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F*ck Off 2020 Gin

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The gin that started it all off. Fuck Off 2020 was a limited run of gin we produced to mark the end of a year that can totally take a hike. The label said so because we chose to tell it like it is, and we stand by it. Little did we know that years down the line, the apocalypses would worsen, and several more gins were to follow. 


If you’re not offended by something these days, you’ve been spending the last few years under a rock. Whether it’s cancelled travel plans, lockdown boredom, or alert level confusion, there was a lot to be frustrated with. Bubbles were getting popped, not in a fun way, and we still haven’t got the hang of Zoom meetings.


Even our gin project ran into delays as we pivoted in 2020 to distilling the one thing we couldn’t even drink – hand sanitiser.


If you had been spending that year under a rock, we’re certainly envious of your blissful ignorance towards the ubiquitous clusterfuck of events that was the year 2020. To say it was tough is an understatement, but we’ve decided to see the silver lining – which is that it’s over.


Things have gotten back on track since, and tinkering around in our distillery has lead to some develop truly great, and award winning gins, if we do say so ourselves. You’ll find distinct and refreshing mandarin aromas, with herbal notes, and no trace of the year 2020. Treat it like a palate cleanser to wash the taste of 2020 out of your mouth, and as liquid inspiration for new year’s resolutions and a better year ahead.

PS. we're now several years ahead, and it's not gotten much better.


40% ABV
700mL Bottle

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