Mango Haze Cloudy Cider Squealer


17, July 202

We're kicking off a new series of cloudy ciders today, and Mango Haze Cloudy Cider is not to be missed! It's sweet, juicy, and has huge aromas of ripe mangos and apple. This one will be cloudier than our regular ciders, giving it a bigger mouth feel, and a rich mango taste, but won't be around for long...

"A new series of cloudy ciders called the Cloudy Cider Series."

"A new series of cloudy ciders called the Cloudy Cider Series."

The second release in our Cloudy Cider Series is Berry Haze Cloudy Cider, Blending raspberry, boysenberry, and apple cider is a match made in haze heaven. We only lightly filter our hazy ciders to retain that full flavour and give you a burst of berries with every mouthful.

Lastly, for the third and final release we blended our Apple cider with Blood Orange and Valencia Orange juices to create this fresh citrus forward Blood Orange Haze Cloudy Cider. Bursting with the mouth-watering aroma of freshly zested orange peel and crisp apple juice this is a juicy cider with medium sweetness and slight acidity.

Blood Orange Haze Cloudy Cider


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