All the doris, half the sugar

4 February, 2022

If you’re enjoying plums as much as we are these days then you’ll know it’s picking season in the Hawkes Bay for the Frankton favourite, Doris plums. Your staff room at work, if anything like ours, probably has a mountain of the homegrown stuff accumulating by the toaster too!

Every man and his dog has a plum tree in full swing this time of year, but nobody has this yet…

"low sugar alternative to the original you know and love"

"low sugar alternative to the original you know and love"

Low Sugar Doris Plum Cider is here for you this summer, as a low sugar alternative to the original cider you know and love. Doris has had a few facelifts over the year. It’s found its way from squealers, to cans, and then to our distillery, but now lighter alternative has got your low sugar search on lockdown.

The same sweet, tart, and refreshing cider you love, with 50% less sugar than our original Doris Plum Cider. Crafted with Hawkes Bay Doris Plums, and crisp apple juice, it's a seductive magenta in colour, with the full taste of plum, apple, and grape.


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