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2 February, 2022

We may be casual about sports, but we’re serious about beer. And we’re serious about brewing a beer that pairs perfectly with your athletic endeavor of choice. Say hello to our new Social League, a low carb Hazy IPA that’s coming to a sideline near you.  

"socially acceptable regardless of the league"

"socially acceptable regardless of the league"

It’s the socially acceptable option for the drinking team that has a sports problem. With half the carbs of a usual hazy IPA, and 100% of the flavour, Social League Low Carb Hazy IPA is the beer of choice if you’re watching the wickets, and your waistline.

It’s also socially acceptable regardless of the league. Introduce this at your tennis tournament, chess club, board games night, or next marble racing meet up, and treat the team to a low carb option.


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