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29 April, 2021

Let’s talk about Feijoas, the tangy, tart fruit that invades our backyards this time of year with a rainfall of green gold. These trees are a goldmine for some, and a nuisance to others. Lucky for us we’ve been overwhelmed with boxes and boxes of locally sourced feijoas that our friends are only too happy to get rid of.

"a goldmine for some, and a nuisance to others"

"a goldmine for some, and a nuisance to others"

And it’s those boxes that have ended up with the team in the distillery. Slicing, scooping, and steeping these fresh feijoas in this week’s batch of Feijoa Gin.

After maceration, distillation, and a lot of vaporisation, labels are wrapped, bottles are filled, and each bottle of Feijoa Gin is corked and numbered.

If you’ve not considered a feijoa spin on your gin, try our Day Off Feijoa Gin for an unmistakable aroma of feijoas, with a slightly sweet and subtle star anise finish. Available to buy online, to take home from our bars, and where all good gins are sold.


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