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Easy Orange Gin

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The Toroa, or southern royal albatross, is a bit of an overachiever. She and the wandering albatross jostle for the position of world’s largest seabird, she’s long-lived, and she can circumnavigate the globe in just 46 days.  

While she spends most of her life at sea, when she’s at home in Aotearoa’s Subantarctic, she’s dedicated to her partner and chick.


Easy Orange, it’s in the name. Fragrant, sweet, and bursting with a delicious orange flavour. Enjoy it neat to really bring out the sweet, citrus, characters of this gin, or blend it with your favourite tonic or soda for a longer drink.


Sadly, she’s also one of the most charismatic victims of plastic pollution. You’ve probably seen the news articles: young toroa dies after swallowing a whole plastic bottle; parents regurgitate plastic fragments (and even a plastic pony) for their chicks.


Plastic accounts for 74% of litter on the beach in Sustainable Coastlines litter surveys, and bottle lids are some of the most common items found.* Switching to a reusable bottle is a great starting place to help the toroa continue to be the overachiever she is. Visit to find out more.


*As of 3 Nov, 2021 (


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40% ABV
700mL Bottle

Sustainable Coastlines Gin Series

We’ve partnered together to remove 180,000 litres or 1,500 large supermarket trolleys of rubbish from the beaches of New Zealand’s coastline. 

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